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At AIMRE, We provide professional development programmes including training courses, workshops and seminars tailored towards your organisational needs at reasonable cost. Below are some of our programmes. See below our scheduled programmes;

Data Analytics Fundamentals

  • Introduction to foundational concepts of data analytics
  • Hands-on training in popular analytics tools and platform
  • Practical applications in real world scenarios  

Advanced Data Visualisation

  • In-dept exploration of data visualisation techniques 
  • Utilising tools like Tableau, Power BI and others for effective communication 
  • Creating compelling visual narrative from complex datasets 

Machine Learning and AI

  • Understanding the principle of machine learning
  • Hands-on experience in building and deploying machine learning models
  • Exploring artificial intelligence applications in divers industries  

Data Management and Governance 

  • Best practices for data collection, storage and retrieval  
  • Implementing effective data governance strategies 
  • Compliance with data protection regulations 

Big Data and Cloud Computing

  • Navigating big data ecosystems (Hadoop, Spark e.t.c)
  • Cloud computing essentials with platforms like AWS, Azure and Google Cloud
  • Developing scalable solutions for data-intensive tasks  

A toolkit for a Strategic Approach to Enhancing Regulatory Performance

Provider:  Aimre Consulting
Date: TBC
Venue: TBC

Project Management Seminar
Provider:  Aimre Consulting
Location:  Tel Aviv, Israel
Cost:          TBC
Date:          TBC

Please, contact us to find out more.

Corrosion and Cathodic Protection Course 

  1. To provide an in-depth technical knowledge of Cathodic protection methodology
  2. To understand Cathodic protection system design and the associated parameters
  3. To understand Principles of Corrosion and Corrosion Control
  4. Monitoring and Management of CP protected structures

Maintenance Optimisation Course 


Common maintenance strategies applied in the industry include Failure-Base Maintenance (FBM), Time-Based Maintenance (TBM) and Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM) strategy. However, the consequence of failure of critical equipment limits the adequacy of these strategies to support the current commercial drivers industry utilising physical assets. This training is developed to equip participants with adequate knowledge and skills in current hybrid tools and techniques that can be used to determine and optimise appropriate maintenance strategies. Suitable strategies that are technically feasible and economically viable over the life-cycle of the asset, thus providing the best possible balance between maintenance costs, risks, reliability and availability without prejudice to Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) factors.

Reliability, Availability & Maintainability (RAM) Assessment


Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) analysis is a holistic technique necessary to determine systems overall reliability and availability. It identifies critical components with high failure rate hence contributing to the systems downtime. It highlights components that may require effective spares-holding. It permits identification of suitable maintenance activities and allow optimisation of maintenance strategies. RAM analysis permit effective comparison of different options of system configurations and allow the selection of the best available option.  It optimises system’s availability thus maximising the profitability and return on capital investment (ROCI).

*Detailed course outline provided on request